How sad - renting in my town of is only affordable for 10% of the salaries here. 🏠 🌡

Meet Zdzislaw Beksinki

His dystopian landscapes felt as if he wanted to express his concerns over the dehumanization of life & our struggle with those in power.

He grew up during the Nazi invasion of Poland. And despite his struggles with fascism, those close to him claim he was a shy but humorous man.

He took a long hard look at that which no man should so much as glimpe

this is actually kinda cool. got a budget VPS with only 256MB of memory. yet works smoothly on multiple devices.

"So anyway, I start blastin'!"

This is both frightening and amusing πŸ˜‚

This was written with with climate-change in mind, but its surprising how relevant it is with the current state of the pandemic and anti-vaxxers

"A history of FLICC: the 5 techniques of science denial"

don't think the postal service understands what truly means. smh

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