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Hello world! Greetings from Arizona.

I'm here to try to use less propriety software, and focus more on the open source community.

Interests include technology, domaining, investing, and family life.

Are you disabled and in need of accomodations but not sure what to ask for? This site has a list of accomodations that are effective, reasonable to ask for, and legally required if requested (US specific)

Not sure if its my imagination or if the is slower than normal...

The meeting reminded me of my personal favorite XKCD.


The answer to the question in the alt text is: The weather at 12pm is defined as the average over the 10 minutes before 12pm.

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The fact that people still write about to this day is a testament to how amazing the show was.

Actually ruined TV. Now everything is compared to this show and falls short.

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